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Are you running breathless from one commitment to the next? Is your team stuck in a rut? Do you wonder if there might be more than the current definition of success?

Today’s leaders face a level of complexity that is difficult for most to comprehend—and they juggle an ever-increasing set of competing and divergent priorities. The “VUCA” environment, a term coined by the U.S. Army War College, is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. Many businesses that once had cycles or waves of busy and slow now find themselves in a near constant VUCA state—and their leaders must find new ways to create space and pause strategically while knee-deep in the swirl.

Inspiring and effective leaders live in this space. They also set the tone and vision for the possible and step toward it, creating the unimaginable—and inspiring future leaders along the way. It’s not possible to do that when you’re out of breath.

why coaching

Imagine a day that begins on purpose and offers the space you need to move intentionally. Then imagine that day is every day.

Coaching offers leaders and their teams a meaningful way to catch their breath and create practices that leave “breathless” in the past—and to step into their full potential more quickly and with more confidence than if they are going at it alone. A coach helps leaders see themselves, their behaviors, and their situations from a different perspective. Through focused sessions, leaders begin to see where they’ve been holding back, where they’ve been afraid to go, and how to take a step forward in that direction.

It can be difficult to notice a limiting behavior that has become a fundamental part of how you operate. You are too busy and immersed in being you. Once you notice it, however, you can’t un-notice it, and suddenly you see possibilities that weren’t so visible before. You will practice new things and keep practicing until they become new habits. Some of it may come easy. Some of it may be very hard. And you will marvel at how quickly change occurs with practice.

The focus of a coaching engagement depends upon the needs of the specific leader or organization. Topics may include expanding leadership capacity, strengthening executive presence, enhancing communications style as a leader or among teams, and beginning to shift a culture toward greater inclusion, personal growth, and innovation.

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