what we do

leadership coaching

develop and empower

Imagine the leader – and the organization – you wish to be. What’s stopping you?

Identify and break free from the behaviors that limit you. Strengthen your executive presence, and see how others engage with you. Improve your communications, and watch your teams thrive. Expand your capacity, and notice the difference in your leadership and performance.

Discover how leadership coaching can drive positive change for you and your team.

strategy facilitation

step into the change you want

Step back and take a look at where you are – and what needs to be different. How will you get there?

Not likely alone. Bring together the change-makers and craft a strategy that you live into from the moment you leave the table. Because it is more than a simple story – and one you believe wholeheartedly will make a difference.

Discover how strategy facilitation can help you reach your best organization.

culture evolution

create a culture where change belongs

Look around. What do you value? What do you measure? Who succeeds? Can everyone step into their full potential, or only a few?

Chances are, you have room to grow. Create the space for a new conversation. Acknowledge bias. Understand when people can’t be themselves. Bring to light the practices that must evolve. Transform networks into communities where creativity and innovation thrive.

Discover how you can spark culture evolution.

why parabola

we have walked in your shoes

We know what it feels like to manage amidst unimaginable complexity and juggle countless competing priorities, from building multi-million-dollar books of business to navigating challenging professional relationships to nurturing family and personal goals. We want to help leaders live into the fullest versions of themselves.

we bring the long view

We spent years crafting strategies with diverse leaders and bring grounded perspective into what makes a strategy compelling and effective. Our coaching and facilitation services enable leaders to take a step back to notice what is happening and what needs to be different – and we work with you to craft the story that gets people on board and moving forward.

we know what it’s like to feel stuck – and what it means to belong

We have experienced and witnessed leaders break through proverbial glass ceilings only to be stuck on the floor on the other side. We know what it is to lead from this sticky floor and are passionate about helping people of diverse backgrounds advance through the executive arc of leadership.

A parabola is a special curve that represents a quadratic relationship, or one that is complex, with multiple interconnected variables. Much like the relationships you see in an organization, nudging one variable affects the others. When you nudge a variable that has more influence, such as a leader, the effects become even more significant.

who we are

Headshot of Natalie M. Radolinski
  • Certified through Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching Program
  • Certified in The Leadership Circle
  • Member of the International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • MBA, University of Maryland, Robert H. Smith School of Business
  • MA, New York University
  • BA, Georgetown University
natalie m. radolinskifounder and principal
Parabola exists for one reason – to create the space for positive change.

For nearly 20 years, I led large programs in strategy design, leadership and professional development, organizational change management, and communications for global firms. Over the last ten years, I have had the privilege of working alongside gifted leaders, facilitating executive-level workshops, leading 40+ person teams, and building inclusive communities. I also know what it means to juggle business development, client management, team leadership, and people development – and the precious non-work elements of family, friends, health, and personal growth.

I founded Parabola with a simple goal – to do my part in changing the world for good. If you consider that the “world” is a composite of 7.4 billion+ stories and perspectives, when you help to change one, you begin to change the whole thing. And when you are lucky enough to work with executives, rising leaders, and their teams, the ripple effects are extraordinary.

I am passionate about helping leaders and their organizations step into their full potential. Are you ready to step into yours?

I founded Parabola with a simple goal—
to do my part in changing the world for good.

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